The Resources section contains educational resources available to educators and students of all ages. Whether used for curriculum planning or providing incipient research material for books, dissertations, and films, these resources are equally meant to inspire a new generation with intellectual curiosity and knowledge of their predecessors. The Foundation seeks to provide all women involved in the built environment with a tradition – and a rightful place – within history.

Film Library
A collection of primarily short documentary films about women architects, designers, and engineers for classroom use—appropriate for high school, college, or graduate levels.  Average running time is 15-20 minutes per film—suitable for showing in the classroom, at organizational meetings, or to the general public.

Videos and Photos
Watch videos and scroll through photo galleries from past events!

BWAF Bookshelf
New and recent titles recommended from the Foundation’s own bookshelf. Look for reviews, crucial reading lists, and books written by past BWAF fellows.

Begun as a collaboration between BWAF and Arizona State University Professor Sherry Ahrentzen, the current bibliography is based on Ahrentzen’s essay, “The Space Between Studs: Feminism and Architecture,”(in Signs (2003), see bibliography under Feminism and Architecture). Several updates have occurred to date.  Volunteers are needed to help expand the current listings. To volunteer your knowledge, please contact info(at)bwaf.org

Academic Leaders in Architecture and Engineering
See which schools across the country are currently taking the lead with women leaders. The Foundation believes that strong, visionary leadership within the academic spheres of these professional disciplines can profoundly shape the values that underpin academic culture as well as the minds of future architects and engineers.

Making a Place
Making a Place introduces a four-question monthly interview with trailblazing women whose work is significantly shaping our built environment. As living resources, these women represent the spheres of architectural practice, education and scholarship. Their video and/or text interviews are meant to provide advice and inspiration to all.

Research Queries
Please submit a brief summary (no more than 200 words) about a research subject, building, or person. If you have images to illustrate your request, please attach them as well. BWAF will review, post, and update the queries and responses as they are submitted. Submit queries to info(at)bwaf.org.