From Professionals for Documenting Women's Work

Making A Place

Making a Place was a four-question monthly interview series with trailblazing women whose work is significantly shaping our built environment. As living resources, these women represent the spheres of architectural practice, education and scholarship. Their video and/or text interviews are meant to provide advice and inspiration to all.
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These were the questions:
  1. Beginnings – what attracted you to architecture (or related field), and how did you begin your career? Was there an influential experience, or mentor, that helped steer you toward this field?
  2. What does “architecture culture” signify to you, and how do you go about contributing to, and or changing, this culture? What are your hopes and dreams for the future of architecture and the built environment?
  3. Advice for someone interested in entering an architecture-related field?
  4. Favorite site, place, building?  Why does this particular location speak to you?
When women’s work is not identified, women remain silent and mute, shut out of the professional community. They become anonymous shadows, support machinery, without voice or personhood. They also cannot provide a clear path and example to young women considering their options in the world of work.   There is also a financial component to this; they are not perceived as leaders, and their economic status cannot rise above the middle level of workers who contribute to teams but are not initiators or creators, regardless of their real contributions.

- Joan Blumenfeld, Chair of the Board