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Marion Manley: Miami’s First Woman Architect

Catherine Lynn and Carie Penabad
University of Georgia Press: Athens and London (2010)

Best known as one of the designers of the innovative University of Miami campus built just after World War II, Marion Manley was instrumental in the development of the city of Miami—though few know it. This is the first comprehensive, illustrated work on Marion Manley, that catalogs all of Manley’s known work, including images and plans. Catherine Lynn and Carie Penabad explore the relationship of Manley’s work to her life and to the broader historical moment of which she was a part.
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USA: Modern Architectures in History

Gwendolyn Wright
Reaktion Books: London (2008)

This new survey of American moderism provides a clear, concise and richly illustrated account that reveals modern architecture at the heart of American culture, and underscores the important contributions of women- the likes of Hazel Waterman, Mary Otis Stevens, Ray Eames- in shaping that uniquely American version of modernism. Wright, a BWAF Fellow and Professor of architecture at Columbia University’s GSAPP, includes for the first time in a survey, women into the story of modern American architecture.
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The First American Women Architects

Sarah Allaback
University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago (2008)

Allaback chronicles the lives and careers of more than seventy pioneering female architects practicing in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, nearly all of whom have been forgotten—until now. Organized alphabetically as a reference guide, this volume presents each architect through a biographical sketch that includes professional career highlights, as well as a listing.
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