Feature: From the BWAF Bookshelf: Earth Day Reads

As we celebrate Earth Day this April, let’s not forget about some of the women designers who have asked us to assess the relationship between humans and environment. This April, we’re highlighting three books in our bookshelf that feature women who have designed with the ever-important local environment in mind.

Book covers from left to right: Thaisa Way’s “Unbounded Practice”, Caffyn Kelley’s “Art and Survival’, and Inge Horton’s “Early Women Architects of the SF Bay Area” ^

Unbounded Practice: Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early Twentieth Century

Thaïsa Way
University of Virginia Press: Charlottesville and London (2009)

Thaïsa Way offers an engaging and detailed account of early women landscape designers. The goal is to finally shed light on the work of women who were swept aside in the middle of the twentieth century when landscape architecture began modeling itself after traditional architectural practice. Way examines the lives and works of Marian Cruger Coffin, Annette Hoyt Flanders, Marjorie Sewell Cautley, Martha Brookes Hutcheson, and others in the framework of demonstrating the influence women had in the development of landscape architecture as a profession.
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Art and Survival: Patricia Johanson’s Environmental Projects

Caffyn Kelley
Islands Institute: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada (2006)

This thorough monograph on environmental artist Patricia Johanson features full color images of original sketches, models, and photographs. Instead of being organized chronologically, Kelley has organized the book into six broad themes that pervade Johanson’s life and work: Art and Survival, Art for the Living World, Designs in Time, Framing the World as a Work of Art, Functional Landscapes, and Setting the Mind in Motion. A biography, a bibliography of Johanson’s written work, and a short index of her major works conclude the book.
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Early Women Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area

Inge Schaefer Horton
McFarland & Company: Jefferson, NC (2010)

This is a collection of fifty biographies on female pioneers in architecture specifically in the Bay Area of California. In the first two sections, Horton also describes the historical context in which these women were working, providing historical insight into early twentieth century California architectural practice and education. Each biography offers vital data, a description of the career, a list of known buildings and work, and a bibliography.
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^ Photos Credits: Images have been obtained from publishers’ websites.

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